In the business world, online gambling is still pretty now. The industry began in the 1990s but only became immensely popular in recent years. During that time, businesses in general have seemed somewhat unstable. Companies would get to be big and then would go under due to poor word of mouth, a bad business model, the economy or other factors. Some brands branched out into various fields while others narrowed themselves into a niche market. What started as a fragmented industry has been consolidating, as larger companies buy out smaller competitors.

Taking all of that into consideration, the milestone recently set by Bodog Casino is pretty impressive. On Friday, March 4, Bodog dealt its billionth hand of blackjack. That is the first for any online casino in the world. When you consider that most people think of poker or sports betting when they think of Bodog, that milestone is again more impressive.

Reaching that number is not just good for Togel Hongkong Bodog and the publicity it is getting (including this blog you’re reading right now). It was also good for the player. That blackjack player has been given a choice between two different billionaire’s experiences to accept as a prize. One choice is a holiday vacation to Fiji’s exclusive Turtle Island. The other choice isn’t too shabby either: a trip on a private boat to the Monaco Grand Prix.

Bodog reaching that milestone shows that the company has had good longevity and it also shows that they have created customer loyalty. Mark Leighton, Bodog’s Casino Manager, is pretty excited about the accomplishment. “There are several gaming sites who have dealt a billion poker hands, Bodog included,” he said, “but to have dealt a billion blackjack hands is a very special milestone for the Bodog brand.”

PA Regulators: Blackjack Cheating Not a Problem

When the state of Pennsylvania decided to allow blackjack and other table games at their casinos last year, some were worried about the impact of cheating. After all, it’s virtually impossible to cheat at slots but blackjack, on the other hand, has a lot of tricks for people who want to cheat the system.

However, according to the state’s regulators, cheating at table games has not been much of a problem so far. Members from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board told the Erie Times-News that, although they don’t have exact statistics for the number of cheaters caught at the state’s casinos, it has not been much of a problem. Most of the gamblers are playing it straight and most of the cheaters caught, they say, were caught early on as players tried to “test the waters” to see if the casinos were up to the challenge. They were.

Greg Fajt, chairman of the gaming board, put it best. “I always say, the casino is the worst place in the world to commit a crime. Everything is on camera,” he said. Casinos have sophisticated security techniques in place to identify and prevent cheating. That includes surveillance cameras, gaming board offers walking the floor, the pit boss walking the floor, the presence of state police, managers and the dealers, who are trained to spot behavior that indicates cheating.

Of those who were caught cheating, the regulators said that most tried the techniques known as capping and pinching. Capping is sneaking extra chips onto your bet when you have a good hand. Pinching is the opposite, sneaking chips away from your betting pile when you see that you have a bad hand.

In Pennsylvania, cheating at a casino is either a felony or misdemeanor, depending on a number of factors, such as the amount of money in play. The offenses can result in a hefty fine and prison time, not to mention being banned from playing at casinos in the state after that.




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