Nourish and Protect Your Skin Safely

All natural body lotion is non-toxic and safe. Moisturize your skin while maintaining peace of mind. If you are looking forward to chemical peel near me costa mesa

Natural Body Lotion

Natural moisturizers contain plant oils, nut butters, plant extracts, and other nourishing botanical ingredients. Free of parabens, petrolatum, artificial fragrance and color, natural skin care products protect your skin and your health. (Read Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid).

One natural body cream that is safe and effective is Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Moisturizing Cream. This powerful moisturizer softens as it nourishes rough, dry skin.

Aubrey Organics natural skin care contains NO:

Rose Mosqueta



Artificial fragrance

Artificial color

Rather, this natural body moisturizer is made entirely from healing botanicals and oils, such as aloe vera, calendula oil, St. John’s Wort oil, and almond oil.

And it contains the powerful, unique oil of a rare mountain rose – Rosa Rubiginosa.

This beautiful, fragrant wild rose grows high in the Andes Mountains of South America. The inhabitants of this area discovered its healing, rejuvenating properties centuries ago.

Aubrey Organics uses no animal testing and this body lotion is vegan.

Natural Beauty Protection

Apply Rosa Mosqueta Moisturizer Cream in the morning and at night. The texture is light… not oily or greasy. The creamy pink lotion is easily absorbed by skin.

Rosa Mosqueta Rose Hip Moisturizing Cream works on dry skin, combination skin, and (most) sensitive skin. It’s gentle enough for the face, yet powerful enough for flaky legs and rough elbows. Naturally scented, the lotion smells of almond mixed with a touch of rose. (Note that some people find the almond a bit overpowering).

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Shea Terra Body Lotions are 99% Natural. They are free of parabens and contain no artificial fragrance. Shea Terra has signed the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

As an alternative to natural body, try rich, moisturizing natural body butter.

There’s no need to expose yourself to unnecessary, potentially harmful chemicals. Avoid synthetic ingredients. Soothe, protect, and nourish your skin with safe, all natural body lotion!

Natural Soap

… Pure & Gentle

Pure natural soap… the ideal choice for sensitive skin. It’s the ultimate choice for all skin! Natural soap is extremely mild. It moisturizes as it cleans… feels terrific on your skin… and smells great!

Natural Soap Defined

So what’s the difference between natural soap and ordinary, mainstream soap? First and foremost is how it makes your skin feel. Gentle and mild, it will leave your skin soft and smooth. And the ingredients used to create these luscious bars are actually good for your skin.

Let’s take a look at traditional soaps…

Ordinary soaps may include:

Natural Soap

Tallow… a beef fat. Tallow is known to clog pores, cause blackheads, and may contribute to eczema.

Alkali salts- Remnants of the soap-making process, they are often found in mainstream soap. These salts are harsh and drying. Up to one quarter of the population is sensitive to alkali salts.

Detergents – Conventional soaps almost always include detergent additives. Again, these are harsh. Dry, sensitive, or problem skin is particularly bothered by detergents.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – A highly controversial ingredient. Many classify it as a toxin. Yet even within the natural products industry, it has its defenders. At the very least, it may be irritating.

Artificial colors and fragrances- Many question the safety of FD&C; and D&C; colors. Synthetic fragrance may include a number of untested ingredients. Surprisingly, disclosure of fragrance ingredients is not required.

On the other hand…

All natural soaps contain:

NO Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

NO artificial color

NO synthetic fragrance

NO free alkali salts (or at least very little)

Beneficial ingredients include …

Vegetable oils, such as olive, palm, coconut, hemp, and jojoba. These are kinder to skin than tallow.

Glycerin, a luxurious, moisturizing by-product of the soap making process. It is usually added back into natural soaps. But you seldom receive this benefit from conventional soaps. No, conventional manufacturers actually sell their glycerin to other industries.

Essential oils. Aromatherapy can calm or lift your spirit, relax or invigorate your body. Lavender, geranium, and peppermint all have skin enhancing properties.

Plant extracts provide color. This is usually a subtle, earth shade. But they can be surprisingly bright.

Grains, such as oatmeal and flax, are gentle exfoliators.

Simply put, all natural soap is made from high quality, all natural ingredients using traditional soap-making methods. And remember, what’s not included is just as important as what is included.

Of course, there is a downside. Natural soap often (but not always) costs more. But with the clear advantages for skin and health, the cost – in my opinion – is worth it . Try natural soap for yourself!


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