Those that suffer from sensitive skin are forced to only use certain products, both cosmetics and treatments. Sensitive skin is characterized by a number of different issues. Most skin that has sensitivity will have frequent adverse reactions to makeup and other skincare products. By any chance if you are looking for “Top Cosmetic Dermatologist Delray Beach
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Dryness, redness, blotchiness, burning sensations, and even adult acne can be caused by sensitive skin. However, the root of the problem most often lies in genetics. Typically, those that are fair-skinned or have a family member with skin sensitivities will experience reactions to products, environmental issues, and even some fabrics. Even latex can be a trigger for a reaction on sensitive skin. Because of the high risk for rashes and other conditions with sensitive skin, proper products are often difficult to choose.

The best way to determine which products will not cause a reaction on sensitive skin is by visiting a dermatologist. A complete skin evaluation can determine the precise cause of one’s sensitive skin and possibly even cure it. However, if a cure is not possible, the physician can recommend prescription treatments or over the counter products. Also, a doctor can help those with sensitive skin decide what cosmetics would be best for their particular skin type. Unfortunately, most people that suffer from skin sensitivities will not be able to use just any cosmetics, so here are some suggestions of proven products that will not cause any harsh reactions.

The AminoGenesis Cocoon is a hydrating moisturizer that provides a protective layer to prevent environmental assaults on the skin. Its unique formula smoothes out the skin, getting rid of any flakiness and supplying a soft base for makeup. Also, the AminoGenesis moisturizer will not leave behind a greasy finish. Blended with amino acids, it will actually heal skin as well. The BioElements Recovery Serum is an excellent choice for sensitive skin that is dry and itchy. This product replenishes sensitive skin’s natural moisture balance and actually soothes irritated skin. Because sensitive skin commonly reacts to cosmetics, a mineral makeup like the Avene Couvrance line is a perfect solution. Composed of natural minerals and vitamins, the makeup provides the skin with nutrients and will not cause irritations to sensitive skin.

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