The virtual mug layout/decoration we many times send to our customers along with our order confirmation is not representative of the printed mug decoration. This virtual mug decoration is only so that you can see what your mug might look like overall and might or might not be like the finished coffee mug decoration.

Our virtual mug decorations always have a resolution of only 72 dpi’s as otherwise many e-mail programs and Internet Access Providers (AOL, for example) will not receive it and, if they do, the file would be so large that it might virtually take hours to download over a slow phone connection. Furthermore, we compress all our virtual mug layouts with the 2023 Nude Calendars compression format of .jpg which further decreases the image quality forever.

If the digital file you sent us has a resolution of only 72 dpi’s and/or is in the .jpg (or in even the unsuitable gif) format – just as our virtual mug decorations – then, of course, the printed mug will look very similar to the virtual mug decoration.

We suggest that any digital art work files submitted to us for the decoration of coffee mugs have a resolution of at least 300 dpi’s as this is the resolution we’ll use to decorate your mug order with notwithstanding the resolution of the art work you submitted. Hence, we’ll print, for example, your low-resolution digital file with our printing resolution of 300 dpi’s;  yet this will not result in a high resolution mug decoration, but in a  rather pixelated low-resolution mug decoration based on your digital image resolution.

Furthermore your digital file should be in the .tif format AND in the dimensions, or larger, that have to appear on the finished mug decoration.

Here we offer some detailed suggestions on digital image preparation.

I printed my image on my printer but your mug decorations are not the same

We use uniquely-formulated, special pigment-based inks to decorate our white coffee mugs, while you’re most likely using the standard ink jet or laser printer inks that came with your printer which where developed for printing on paper only, the printed results will be very different.

Even if you’d use the same pigment inks we use but printed with a different resolution from ours, the print-outs would be different as different amounts of ink would be printed at different resolutions and, hence, the coor saturation will be rather different.

Also, the same ink used on different printers will produce different print-outs even if the same resolution is used…not to mention the medium on which we print our mug decorations which will greatly influence the final appearance of the printed image as the chemical make-up alone of each will produce different results.

Another important point to remember is the particular software used to create, display and then print your digital images. Software – graphics applications specifically – are responsible for bringing all your image components together. And we all know that they are not created equal and hence each will produce a different out-put. (To further complicate this, you might want to read here and here.)

And as if this would be not be all, we still have to fire the print-outs onto the mugs – which is another chemical reaction.

It might become apparent that there is a very, very slim chance that your print-outs will equal the decorations on the finished photo coffee mugs.

Based on this as well as the many other points made elsewhere in this FAQ section, if color fidelity is of concern, Sample Mugs will have to be created so as to be able to adjust your digital image to arrive at more-or-less the mug decoration you require.

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